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AmigaOne X5000 platform specific issues.
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Re: Bad time picture

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Eroom wrote:Wasnt going to post this because it adds nothing to the op question but I bought the original Enhancer package and since then there have been three updates, which have all been free through amistore. Are some people paying for each update ?.
To sum it up:

1) I paid for the sole gfx driver when it was first available on AmiStore (no Enhancer to be seen anywhere) - i also bought some other stuff, like CANDI back then.

2) The following updated gfx driver arrived within the enhancer package (which also hold some of the other stuff, i already paid for).
I had to pay for that again, although i wasn't interested in the rest (which was why i chose to get the degraded Enhancer pack, which didn't hold all the stuff, because i already got that before respectively wasn't interested in).
So, there were TWO Enahncer packs one could chose from, one which had everything inisde, all the eyecandy and useless junk, and one which had lesser junk and the updated gfx driver.

Obviously i chose the latter (i do got an discount due to my earlier purchases, but that was laughable, to say the least).

And what they failed to communicate from the start was, that this degraded version was NEVER entitled for ANOTHER update to it's programs (like the gfx driver).
I would have had to buy the "fuller" version (or what name they've made up for it).

3) So, once the next version comes out, i have to pay YET AGAIN to get the FINAL FULL VERSION of Enhancer and to be entitled for all further updates of the gfx driver (whoever will believe that).

And that was the shitty move i'll never forgive.
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Re: Bad time picture

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Yeah, i also told many times to Mattew that it is bad idea to start overwriting alredy working os components. As result (and as it was execpted) almost all new rewrited components have new bugs, new problems and diffeences with originals with which users should live, and which is not fixed. For example that Time Prefs from enhancer have few cosmetic bugs which isn't fixed for year. Probable, because they not so problematic, just visual, but still, why then all this replacement need sto be done in first place, to have new bugs, and waiting years for simple fixes as it was with many os4 originals pieces, and which at last works for now. Recreating of wheel :) All that rewiritng of simple prefs tools was bad idea from begining, and many of us told so, but who pay , those choice the music :)

As for paying one or two or 3 times, i have no problems with. No one should work for free, you for sure know it. And when we pay, we didn't cover even 50% of money they was spend on. And as we all spend our time with all that diehard-os4 stuff, we probably should be happy that anyone develop anything at all and sold at all. And it cost much more than they ask, as developer's time in real world cost a loot more than they pay to them, and ask us to pay for.
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Re: Bad time picture

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@ kas1e & Raziel

All of us will at some point experience something that causes us anger and pain in Amigaland .
The trick is to somehow get it out of your system before it sours your experience.
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