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Re: Date & Time will not stay

Posted: Sat Apr 24, 2021 10:43 am
by OldFart
Hi all,

Glad someone revived this old thread, 'cause there I was wondering why I have to set date and time EVERY time I switch the X5000 on or resetting it. Thought it was something that actually only occurred to me and no one else, but this thread proves otherwise.

Yes, I have checked & replaced the battery (more then once actually) to no avail, ever since I unboxed and resurrected my X5000 late 2020. I can't remember whether it was suffering from this issue from day one. The machine has been in storage fo nearly 4 years (and probably will be put back in storage quite soon as I am on the verge of moving again).

Would like to hear about the cause and solution though!