Problem with DVD drive and U-Boot

AmigaOne X5000 platform specific issues.
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Re: Problem with DVD drive and U-Boot

Post by msalcedo »

an easy way on the pc.
IF you are using a pc... and you have the iso file

and using Win32DiskImage, plug in usb stick, then..

run Win32DiskImage (in admin mode) select the amigaOS.iso and let it do it's work.

You should have a usb/amigaOS stick that will boot just like a dvd
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Re: Problem with DVD drive and U-Boot

Post by Roland »

smf wrote:Actually you have the hardware needed :)
There are several ways but if the X5000 is the only machine you have with an optical reader you can boot into linux and create an image of the installation CD and dump it into a USB stick.
I guess DD is included in the live usb stick you have? Or maybe even some graphical tools that are more easy to use.
After that you should be able to boot from the stick without having to do anything more and you are correct when you say that the graphics card should not matter at this point until the kickstart has been loaded.
Thanks for the tip... I already tried DD with the .iso file before I burned it on a disk, but the result was unfortunately not bootable. Now I also tried to recreate the .iso from the burned disk with Brasero, but it was not able to finish the process... The copying slowed suddenly down when about 540-550 MB was copied.

One complication here is that Linux 'package program' cannot open .lha archives in which AmigaOS4.1.iso is downloaded! So I had first to trasnsfer it via LAN to my classic Amiga, unpack it, and retransfer again. There is a possibility that the .iso is not intact anymore...
I have a few more ideas i would try without any particular order before making an usb stick (if it can't be done really easy) and i do not have the X5000 infront of me so i can't verify my claims.

* Make sure the HDD is connected to sata port 0 and the optical drive in sata port 1.
* Try to boot without the HDD attached.
* disable the uboot variable amigabootquiet if it's enabled and then issue the scsi reset command and then "boota" . Does it let you choose what kickstart to load?
* can you list files from the CD in uboot?
There is not yet anything on my HDD (not even formatted)... So Kickstart shows me as the only bootable device the DVD (the later one from which U-Boot succeeded to load the Kickstart modules). If I remember correctly (have done so much testing lately!), I can see the file listing from that DVD.

- Roland -
- Roland -
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