What is correct Keyboard USB Port on X5000

AmigaOne X5000 platform specific issues.
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Re: What is correct Keyboard USB Port on X5000

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LyleHaze wrote:
Are there plans to fix this known bug for X1K users...?
I speak with no authority, just my observation:
CFE works, and this "known bug" is very simple to work around.
Since it's no more than a minor inconvenience at most, I'd suggest that developers time would be better spent chasing bigger issues.
Especially since CFE is for only the X1000.

Just my opinion, and not really worth much at all.

Thank you
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Re: What is correct Keyboard USB Port on X5000

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Just to answer the question about wireless keyboards on the X5000 that was asked previously in this thread:

I have been using a Logitech K270 wireless keyboard and mouse combo for the last two years very successfully on my X5000. The only glitch that I have occasionally is that the USB stack will (very rarely) fail to recognize the "transceiver" on boot-up. I just remove it and re-plug. The stack then recognizes it, and I'm off to the races. I use the USB connector from the mainboard (which I have installed to a port on the top front edge of my Antec case) rather than the backplane for this connection. The way my office is set up, this makes my X5K much easier to use, since I can place the box anywhere (currently under my desk). My only limit is the length of my HDMI monitor cable.

I'm just sharing my experience. Hopefully this will help with keyboard function questions. BTW, I also have an Inland (=cheap!!!) wired USB keyboard and mouse, which also works as described by msalcedo.
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