Gorky 17 for Linux

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Gorky 17 for Linux

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I have the CD with the game Gorky 17 for Linux that I can't register on your website because this version is DRM-free. In this case, this game doesn't even have the cd key, but I have few questions about it.

1. Do you plan to create a patch for the Linux version of Gorky 17 that will have the same features as the version for AmigaOS?

2. Do you plan to port Gorky 17 to Mac (Intel)? I knew that Runesoft ported this game only to Mac PPC.

3. Do you work with people from Topware Interactive to make updates for Gorky 17 (Linux)?

I found this on the Steam forum:

"Raidor [dph] [developer] 27 Apr @ 2:15pm
we are in touch with Hyperion regarding a native port for Linux. Having the source code is one thing - knowing it is another thing."
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