Updated Python3.x series

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Updated Python3.x series

Post by Belxjander »

Is it possible to update python beyond the now EOL 2.x series and get a python3.x working on AmigaOS 4.x?

I have repeatedly tried to build this myself from sources without any real progress.

I did grab a copy of the morphos python3.4 port by yomgui but that fails to build for me as well
(configure gave console garbage and required a hard-reset)

Can anyone possibly get this done to use a "python3:" assign or help mentor me through getting it done?

I am getting to the point where I am getting stuck with needing some python code working to make progress on other projects and the code in question
**requires** a python3 series interpreter...and trying to use python3 on an RPi or BBB using ssh is just complicating the build process a bit too much as far as I can tell.

as for cross-compiling... I *used* to have a working laptop... but the EFI firmware is trashed (fails to read storage for bootstrap in current conditions) due to booting ubuntu to try and get some kind of updated adtools because of debian packaging.

too many things where I have a whole lot of digging and reading to do and not enough time to make forward progress without help...

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Re: Updated Python3.x series

Post by noXLar »

maybe better luck here


seems more active
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Re: Updated Python3.x series

Post by polluks »

You may find a starting point here:
http://yellowblue.free.fr/yiki/doku.php ... el3x:start
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Re: Updated Python3.x series

Post by NinjaCyborg »

Hi, I'm the guy who took over the original Amiga port of Python to the Amiga back in the early 2000s.

I recently acquired an AmigaOne, and am looking at updating Python 2.x for OS3 AND for OS4. My ambition is to have one implementation with one amiga implementation across both OS families, fully integrated so it could be used in place of Rexx.

Development stopped partly because I was busy with real work back then, working on Symbian OS, and because I contacted the Friedens at the time, after I learned they had done their own, incompatible, port of Python to OS4, ignoring the established Amiga package APIs, and I asked them if they wanted to collaborate and they simply told me "no".

AFAIK they're no longer on the scene?

Could you tell me what's the current state of the art for Python on OS4?
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Re: Updated Python3.x series

Post by Belxjander »

Current Information that I am aware of...

68K builds of python work (they can be installed directly OR within E-UAE under Sys:Emulation/...)

AmigaOS 4.x (I'm using 4.1FE + Update1) has a Python 2.5.x series installed as "C:Python" using an assign "Python:"
which is used as "/Python/..." for unix style pathing...

I'm not exactly sure quite how to deal with the "python2.5.x" that comes with AmigaOS 4.x itself, (the os4depot.net package is actually OLDER than the version that comes on the OS release disk).

I did ask S.Solie about this some time ago... and was referred to mainline python sources to simply download and build that (about the time of the 3.6.x release series beginning...)

I've done a checkout of yomgui's repository (just before bitbucket started shutting down mercurial support).

I'm mainly wanting to see a python3.x series python on AmigaOS as 2.x series is now End-Of-Life'd.

I have *also* connected to freenode.net / #python + #python-dev ( I have left my bouncer on #python just to keep logging and possibly capture interesting conversations and notes...)
The answer I obtained from #python-dev is that *anything* outside of Linux/BSD(Mac included) and Windows 32b/64b is unsupported.

as soon as I mentioned attempting to port python to AmigaOS I was met with a very negative attitude and apparent assumption that *ALL* Amiga systems are 68K and anything after the demise of C= just wasn't even hinted at for awareness.

There seems to be a very blatant assumption that AmigaOS only ever ran on 68K and the PowerPC editions of AmigaOS 4.x that can't run on 68K are ignored.

@NinjaCyborg: I'd be happy to have any kind of pointers towards getting the mainline sources modified so that AmigaOS (any&all flavours) actually can have a working python3.x fork.
I have only a small amount of time each month towards developing anything at all, and my own efforts with other projects are stalling from the lack of a python3.x (hand-conversion of data sets instead of machine conversion is NOT helping this at all!!! especially with needing to embed a 2MB dataset of compiled octets without a compiler to do the work is infuriating to no end...)

I'm just glad I can crawl through dealing with other FSM elements of coding and refine what I have initially duct-tape coded into more proper arrangements.

the only limitation I now currently face is only requiring Intuition itself to display embedded UTF8 in any displayed text,
text input from what I have tested apparently only requires a minimal change for the global StringEdit hook which I am currently experimenting with

Anyway that's for something else...

actually having python3.x instead of 2.x would also step up native scripting support for Unicode as well (ALL strings in python3.x are now Unicode by default, instead of requiring an explicit separate type as the 2.x series provides)

as for python2.x AmigaOS4.x and MorphOS both have this, MorphOS already has a python3.(4?5?) as produced by "yomgui".

only the 68K OS releases seem to be missing 2.x and 3.x comparable to AOS4.x/MOS...
for the situatuion with AROS, I have no idea
( I've never had AROS actually run beyond attempting to bootstrap, for some reason the sam440 and sam460 kernel is common and defaults to sam460?)
Maybe it is the setup that I have here... but I have yet to actually have Multi-Boot work beyond display of a Linux prompt in addition to AOS4.x
and that also failed to bootstrap (again lockup during kernel initialization with some sam460 resource init being the last message displayed)

as to why... I'm still in the dark about that ... maybe it was AROS attempting to bootstrap from the 4.1FE partition?, I'm not sure.

I'll have to clear a 750GB drive with BTRfs and ReiserFS partitions after recovery of the content before I have a drive that is usable to test that.
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Re: Updated Python3.x series

Post by NinjaCyborg »

Hi thanks for the summary. Well, I recall that Python 2 is extremely portable, I even got it running on Symbian OS back in the day, and I wasn't given the negativity about porting it to amiga from the core developers back then either, indeed I was encouraged to make it officially supported, but that was over 15 years ago. I am not very interested in Python 3, as I consider it a dead end academic vanity project, and have only ever encountered Python 2 in use in the real world. And it has more dependencies on the OS that Python 2 which is pure POSIX. But if I can get python 2 up and running then maybe I'll look at python 3 one day. I love that the OS4 team gives no more fucks than they did 15 years ago about collaborating, sharing code or ensuring they even have the code for the version they released. Nothing changes. You do you, OS4 team.
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Re: Updated Python3.x series

Post by Skateman »

You could try to contact Jamie Krueger. He did a part on Amiwest Jamie Krueger - GUI Programming in Python on AmigaOS4.
He might have some more info about the whole Python situation.
Contact info can be found on his website http://bitbybitsoftwaregroup.com/index.php
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Re: Updated Python3.x series

Post by NinjaCyborg »

Thanks! I will
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Re: Updated Python3.x series

Post by JamieKrueger »

Skateman brought this post to my attention.

I do have an interest in expanding the use the Python on AmigaOS4.x,
primarily as it is one of the main programming languages that the
Advanced Visual Developer (AVD) will export your application designs

I intend to first port Python 2.5 to the final release of Python 2.7.18
(due to the massive amount of Python 2.x existing code out there and
the easier job of porting from the current Python 2.5 sources).

After which I intend to make a new port of the mainline Python 3.x sources
to AmigaOS4.

I am willing to work with other developers who have similar goals
to help make this happen.

As a contributing member of both the Exec-SG Kernel development
Team and the OS4 Development Team I may be able to help bring
necessary component support to the Operating System to aid in
bringing a full Python 3.x version over.

My initial focus is to bring full, native BOOPSI/ReAction gadget class
support to Python on OS4 that is compatible with the currently available
2.5 release.

However, I also find the idea of being able to write an AmigaOS application,
with full GUI, in a common language like Python and have it run equally well
on AmigaOS3.x (68K) and AmigaOS4.x (PowerPC and beyond) a very
intriguing idea.

Of course to make this happen requires that several common components
are able to run under both versions of AmigaOS; so one step at a time.

At any rate I am willing to discuss the options with anyone who is
willing to contribute their time and skills to the effort. I wish to avoid
unnecessary duplication of effort where possible; but if no other viable
porting effort is actively ongoing by the time I am ready to have AVD
support Python 2.7.18 and 3.x, I will be pursuing my own port.

Feel free to contact me at "jamie <at> bitbybitsoftwaregroup <dot> com"
if you would like to discuss the options.
Best Regards,

Jamie Krueger
BITbyBIT Software Group LLC
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Re: Updated Python3.x series

Post by NinjaCyborg »

Hi again, I hope you got my email earlier today. My first question is, where can one get the existing OS4 Amiga Python sources? As I mentioned, the Frieden's denied my request to collaborate many years ago.

Regarding GUI, my own ideas, in 2005, where to (a) use AWNPipe, which is awesome or (b) port wxWidgets (I think an OS4 port exists now?) and use wxPython.
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