Intuition "Xinerama" Features

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Re: Intuition "Xinerama" Features

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nbache wrote:Not sure of the exact workings (I never or rarely use other screens than WB), but if a certain screen had been defined to appear on another card/monitor, I wouldn't expect to be able to reveal it on the first one even when dragging WB down.
That's sort of my point. Intuition currently maintains a screen list in the order they would be revealed by screen dragging or screen changing with the screen depth gadget; which means that Intuition would probably need to be modified to skip screens displayed on another monitor or maintain a seperate screen list. I'm just suggesting that some OS4 modifications might be required for the dual monitor concept to work.

Personally, I use multiple screens a lot. I have seperate screens for Internet, Dopus4, Pagestream, ImageFX etc. I don't see why it would be preferable to display a screen on a seperate monitor rather that switching screens with the screen menu or depth gadget but I'm O.K. with a dual monitor mouse-driven switching feature as long as there are prefs to control/disable it.
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Re: Intuition "Xinerama" Features

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xenic wrote:
Belxjander wrote:so if a Rule for "Extend=Workbench Right=CygnusEdScreen1 Bottom=DOpus.1" and neither CygnusEd nor DOPus were open, Workbench would not extend, however as soon as one or both become available the scrolling also becomes available with an active movement of the mouse stepping past the screen border for vector bounds checking.
What would happen if the user drags the Workbench screen to reveal the screen that is already being displayed on another monitor? It seems to me that a number of Intuition features would need to be disabled for your dual display system to work properly.
That would assume that both the Intuition Screens in question are on the same Monitor+GfxCard...

I'm only suggesting that when Two or more Intuition Screens are on *different* Monitor+GfxCard displays... however for a "single" monitor... I would enforce that any screens with rules applied would need to be "drag disabled" when opened... or the rules with regards the "Top Border" would have to be disabled (draggable == automagic rule already applied) and only "side" and "bottom" rules would then be applicable to the screen in question.
( this would also be workable based on testing to see if the Target screen is already open or not and internally trackable using the Screen/Window Pre+Post Open+Close Notifications that Intuition already makes available )

As far as Intuitions own "Screen List"... Why modify this at all ?, and with Intuition Notifications of Screen and Window Open+Close Events (both Pre- and Post- Event messaging) it seems a lot more feasible to internally
have a separate list in a commodity and enable/disable rules (also checking for "draggable" properties and leaving "TopEdge" rules for such screens disabled ...Intuition can handle that leaving nothing for the commodity to do )

The feasibility of this seems practical at this point...
glad to see some people would like it... and as far as Intuition changes... I no longer see anything needed there.

looks like I will have to play with this and see how things go... (I already have Screen and Window Notifications in Perception-IME for something else anyway... maybe I will add this as a feature option there ?)
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