Listbrowser cell select idea

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Listbrowser cell select idea

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Just an idea:

Listbrowser already has checkboxes and string gadgets in cells. So why can't we add buttons?

LISTBROWSER_CellSelect, TRUE, turns it on for entire grid.

Then each cell is just a button gadget with toggleselect and borderless. Then just check it's state like you would the checkbox; use same LBNA_Checked tag.

It might be hard to implement click and drag select, but it is a starting point.

If just text, background color change as if pressed gadget (usually blue).

If is a BitMap object, if Render image only, change background color. If also has Select image, just toggle images. Or have option for both color and image.

Clicking in a cell is still single selection. Shift+click for multi-selection.
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