Z3-memory support

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Re: Z3-memory support

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develin wrote:
duga wrote:It's not impossible to find a second hand 4.1 FE compatible system for 200-300 euros. Not the fastest system (most probably a Sam440), but with more memory (1024 MB) compared to WinUAE (128 MB).
I'd say it's still to much effort hunting a machine down for a mearly curious developer who would like to try it out a little before doing more investments.
It's one thing for a convinced users but totaly new or older amigans might want to be enlighted to open their wallets first.
For myself, I like the idea of having a portable machine and the options here is rather limited.

So can't they try out a little the way it is now?
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Re: Z3-memory support

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Amigo1 wrote:So can't they try out a little the way it is now?
Sure they can try it as it is allready but you know if you start using GCC for some projects you'll soon see that the limited memory will quickly be a problem.
In the best case you have spent some time for a crosscompiler on a machine that can handle all the memory which is put in the computer.
Newcomers don't want to hassle with a lot of extra, they just want to install it and use it, that's my feeling at least.
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Re: Z3-memory support

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This is an interesting conversation in my opinion. I wonder if it were possible to take a poll of every purchase of OS4.1 to see the ratio of those using it on real PPC hardware vs those using it strictly in UAE. There are a great many people that use it in UAE only. I don't plan to hunt around for used niche hardware to use a niche OS if I can run that niche OS reasonably well on my laptop that goes with me everywhere. The reasons behind NOT capitalizing on the portability offered by work done by the maintainers of FS-UAE and WinUAE and further enabling enhanced features on the backs of hardware people already own doesn't make much sense to me. Just a friendly criticism. :)

What's to be lost for Hyperion as a company if Z3 memory support is enhanced for this use case, or if w3d drivers are written for uaegfx, or uae networking, or any of those other things that already exist and are used quite heavily by the community of likely clients? It seems to me to be the most portable and future proof solution. Just another friendly criticism. :)
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