Tabs for Notepad

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Re: Tabs for Notepad

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All i know it works on aros and mos, and sources of datatype and library avail. Shouldnt be _that_ hard then
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Re: Tabs for Notepad

Post by chris »

kas1e wrote:
Fix amigaguide.library whilst you're there
Yeah, that annoing thing which are here for 10 years : broken copy+paste by mouse from amiga guide documents ! I just can't mark by mouse portions of text in amiga guide to be able to ctrl+c it for later ctrl+v. It was discussed few times, it was reported few times (one times per 2-3 years), and no one was brave enough to fix it )
That wasn't the bug I meant. I was referring to the "no signal received when an AmigaGuide document is closed" one.
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Re: Tabs for Notepad

Post by Raziel »

tonyw wrote:If you are serious about becoming a developer, please contact ssolie (Steven Solie) or Cyborg (Costel Mincea) in the first instance.

After discussion, I get the impression that such an enhancement to Notepad is considered unimportant, with other third-party solutions on the way. "They" think that programs like Notepad should be left as basic utilities, with the bells and whistles provided by third-party programs.
Thanks Tony,

So it will be another "Notepad"er third party "buy or skip" addition...too bad
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