Switch Amiga Keys

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Switch Amiga Keys

Post by djrikki »

Obviously after 2 1/2 decades this has probably been brought up a zillion times before - so for perhaps the final time - how about switching the RAmiga+LAmiga keys around? You know those keys that operate the menus and more importantly the cut, copy, paste keys? Even something that allows me to do this in preferences would be most welcome, in the meantime I willl have to continue to use a third-party tool. It would also be very much appreciated if the CTRL key can act as a qualifer too for all clipboard actions just like on every other operating system known to man-kind... and Odyssey! :lol:]

PS. Please ignore the underlining sarcasm, its just so so crazy that this hasn't yet been done.
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Re: Switch Amiga Keys

Post by tonyw »

We don't copy the other OSes and don't intend to. Our keyboard qualifiers are unique and to copy those from Windows might even risk legal action.
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Re: Switch Amiga Keys

Post by samo79 »


I second that, i always found that "keys" in AmigaOS a bit "strange" compared to what (for example) Windows offer, using the LAmiga instead of the RAmiga for the common operations can make possible to use "one hand" only instead of two !

This is because the "LAmiga" key is very close to the classic C/X/V keys in the keyboards, while the RAmiga aren't so close, so we are forced to use two hands when we need to do our usual operations ...

Now i know that it's not easy to change a consolidate standard in a system, however a little preferences to change them according to the user's like can be applied imho :)

might even risk legal action.
Uh legal action for what ?
It's just a combo key that any developer of an OS can handle whatever they want, at the end keyboards are exactly the same on any computer
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Re: Switch Amiga Keys

Post by Scriptjester »

Even if a preference would be nice, you can use :

http://www.os4depot.net/index.php?funct ... mapper.lha
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