MUI Themes for MUI4 and Context Menus Preference

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Re: MUI Themes for MUI4 and Context Menus Preference

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chris wrote:
HKvalhe wrote:The reason i was taking up this about MUI is that most ordinary users like myself have no idea what would be the ideal look for MUI to use in our system, and everybody have a different taste. Also, going through a lot of settings to do changes in configuration doesn't seem ideal, unless you are actually a MUI developer yourself. But for an ordinary user, this isn't ideal, i would say. So in that case, it would be better to have several different MUI-based Themes available to choose from, if that is now possible.
The default settings mimic the OS4 look. I did however change one thing - tooltips (helphints) were set to "balloon" whereas Reaction uses rectangular areas. I changed this to "rectangle" in the settings and they now match (would be nice if this could be made the default).

The only other thing I did was remove the iconify gadget as iconify appears in the window's popup menu, and stop the window sizes and positions from saving on exit (*really* annoys me), but they're just personal preference.
I see what you mean. Very interesting, indeed. Yes, different taste for every person :)

Take a look at my latest configuration work with MUI ;)

Black MUI Theme configurated myself...
Black MUI Theme configurated myself...
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