Checkbox in requester.class

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Checkbox in requester.class

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Could you add a checkbox option to the requester.class? Put it under the integer/string gadget, box first then the text.

Code: Select all

    REQ_TitleText,        "Title",
    REQ_Type,              1,                                       // integer
    REQ_BodyText,        "Enter tab size",
    REQ_GadgetText,    "OK|Cancel",

    REQI_Number,         4,

    REQCB_Checkbox,    TRUE,                                // if even needed.  REQCB_Text would "turn it on"
    REQCB_Checked,      TRUE,
    REQCB_Disabled,      FALSE,                               // for certain instances
    REQCB_Text,            "Enable auto indent",
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