Use of Arrow Keys in Font Requester.

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Re: Use of Arrow Keys in Font Requester.

Post by zzd10h »

"But it works again if you click on the name (or the size) in the box under the listbox"

Ah yes, right, it works after click on the name.
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Re: Use of Arrow Keys in Font Requester.

Post by nbache »

Right, I see the difference now.

In my opinion, it should be possible to change the font and its preview with the up/down cursor keys, whether you have selected one or the other gadget in the window.

I'll make a BZ suggesting this.

Edit: BZ submitted. After considering and experimenting a bit, I ended up suggesting that the cursor keys should work on the list of font names when either the font name gadget or the font name list has been clicked on, and likewise for the font size gadget and list when one of those has been clicked. This corresponds, for each of the two lists, with the way a file requester works (which only has one list).

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Re: Use of Arrow Keys in Font Requester.

Post by samo79 »

Ok i know that each component were done by different developers, however I wonder why keyboard is supported in some area of the OS but not in all the others :(
For example in the various prefs settings (the vast majority of that window prefs) keyboard are simply NOT supported, so the only method to "play" with the involved prefs is using the mouse .. ok that's fine as is, however why not support the keyboard everywhere and support those keys the same and in all the AmigaOS areas ?

Here a few basilar keys that might become standard for any kind of Reaction/Intuition windows:

- Arrow UP / Arrow DOWN --> scroll up and down
- Space bar --> select/unselect a gadget
- Enter --> select

nbache maybe can you add a general enhancement request for that ?
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Re: Use of Arrow Keys in Font Requester.

Post by lazi »

There is the System/TypeManager that is not using font requester gadgets, and so it is useable only with mouse.
It would be nice if that one can be scrolled/ selected by keyboard. It is a great pain if I want to search one font by looking it's outline from hundreds of files.

Several years before I contacted about this with the author of TypeManager, but he replied that it is the property of reaction.
So while it is popped up here, please someone who is responsible make an improvement ticket/note on that.
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Re: Use of Arrow Keys in Font Requester.

Post by RobMattin »

broadblues wrote:It only works when the font text gadget is active, which it is by default when you open the requester but as soon as you clicck away, the string gadget goes in active.
Thanks. Tested in Photogenics and it works. I think it needs updating though. When you click on a font in the list it's kind of logical to expect to be able to scroll up and down the list with the arrow keys and I'm sure if not the only one who has assumed the the arrow keys simply didn't work in the font requester.

Could also do with the update so that .otag fonts work again too.
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