Information Window on multiple icon selection (Amiga+I)

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Information Window on multiple icon selection (Amiga+I)

Post by djrikki »


As mentioned elsewhere, but not within its own thread in this sub-forum, when the user selects multiple icons and requests information about them (shortcut: Amiga+I) instead of opening multiple windows (perhaps hundreds of (!)) would it not be more sensible to open up one different window reporting information about the files that have been selected, e.g.

Drawers (35)
Files (1,065)

Other pertinent information.
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Re: Information Window on multiple icon selection (Amiga+I)

Post by Steady »

Actually, I find it helpful that all those windows open as I use that to add a default icon to the selected items that were previously only viewable if "Show All" was selected.

Extend select all icons I want.
Press <RAmiga><I>
For each one
Press <RAmiga><E>
Press <S> to save

If a summary was presented we would lose that option. An option to change in bulk is a possibility, but probably overkill for a fairly rare situation.

So, I vote to keep it as it is for now. Just my 2 cents.
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