Input.device / Keymap.Library additional keycode support

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Input.device / Keymap.Library additional keycode support

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down=0x29, up=0xA9, scan=41, Key = Jp1 [Zenkaku Hankaku]

0x7D, 0xFD, 124, the key to the left of backspace on Japanese Keyboards
0x7B, 0xFB, 94, Jp2 for IME use
0x79, 0xF9, 92, Jp3 for IME use
0x70, 0xF0, 93, Jp4 for IME use

There are three keys between 0 and Backspace...
The third key (beside backspace) is currently without any mapping

The key to the left of 1 is mapped as a function key... not symbols

Additional mode keys (1 left and 2 right from the space bar)
Are additional function keys...

Either a means to map function keys that are dead/toggle/whitespace or a callback mechanism as part of input device to specifically allow for hard function keys to have input handling?

Even mapping the extra keys or llowing for a raw remapping option so that they are able to become usable for IME stateful input handling
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