Is DDing a Linux possible from AmigaOS?

AmigaOne X1000 platform specific issues related to Linux only.
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Is DDing a Linux possible from AmigaOS?

Post by vox »

I see x5000 users are using RawWrite to writte DD images to USB stick.

If we had just EXT3/EXT4 partitions visible from AOS (and that would be nice too) complete DDing process could be done without
using intermeddiate Linux install.

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Re: Is DDing a Linux possible from AmigaOS?

Post by Hypex »

I see your point. RawWrite needs to use a DOS device. Specifying the device and unit would allow you to bypass this. However, I have been able to use it with raw images, when I used OS4 to write a USB/ISO hybrid image to a USB stick.

So it is possible to write a raw image with OS4. It may need a quick format if the USB device doesn't appear on the system. Otherwise the present file system shouldn't matter as the disk would be overwritten in any case. The following is an excerpt from my A1 Linux USB installer guide.

For OS4 there is RawDisk in with Workbench Utilities. To use this insert your USB stick. I also recommend pulling any other USB disk devices out to avoid confusion. Now Open RawDisk. From the top left gadget select the USB device with Disk Name. This will usually be USB0 with only one device inserted. Next change Direction to point left to the device. Then select the image with File. In the Addressing section make sure all the starting blocks are zero. It needs to be written to the start of the disk. Once confirmed all settings are correct press Start and watch it go.

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