CFE update request / Uboot port to X1000

AmigaOne X1000 platform specific issues related to Linux only.
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CFE update request / Uboot port to X1000

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I see CFE is GPL piece of software made for some routers etc.

I wonder is it possible to update it to "UBoot level" while maintaining some positive sides.

What is badly needed:

- Ability to auto boot from CD especially for Linux install (we could boot any PPC distro and just add kernel during install)
- Ability to cd and dir and since you have to write down file names for commands, which is ... below any standard
- Ability to change hardcoded x1000 picture would be welcome :-)
- Anything you else have suggested
- It seems CFE update was required for some R7 cards but used to brick Epsilons x1000 ... after "good update", not "interrupted"
- Some nice menuing like with latest UBoot for basic options (CPU wait state, pick SD card kernel ...) would be most welcome.

Or if NOT possible, can UBoot be ported and ajusted?

Bootstraping and "BIOS low level" is not essential to be GUI, but to be useful, which CFE really isn`t.
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