Problems with 12.04 reinstall

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Problems with 12.04 reinstall

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I reinstalled Ubuntu 12.04 LS with no problems not more than two months ago. I had to do it again yesterday, and some things just aren't right.

Firefox kept telling me I had to update, this time. So I clicked on the suggested URL link and downloaded a new version, but I believe it said it was 3.1 or something like that, which I understand doesn't work on 12.04. (The one that came with the install seems to be version 23.0 or something like that. It doesn't even have a bookmark button.) I now have a Firefox folder in my Home directory that I suspect is useless.

Update Manager is offering me 433 updates! Should I go through and accept a few at a time? Which?

One of the folders in Home (it has an obvious name which is eluding me at the moment) contains things like bin, usr, etc, tmp, and the like. It also contains one called "chroot-wily." What in the world is that doing there? This was a fresh install supposed to wipe out the partition previously used. In the process it assured me at one point that if I continued I would wipe out everything I didn't have backed up somewhere.

I wanted to post this from Ubuntu, but Hyperion forums told me I had made too many tries (one try, I think) to log in, and I would have to solve a capcha. So how many wochamacallits does an X5000 have? Four? Doesn't matter anyway. Only Odyssey knows my password.
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