Sleep Mode for X1000 ?

AmigaOne X1000 platform specific issues.
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Re: Sleep Mode for X1000 ?

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trevordick wrote: (If you keep the side panel on Slayer ;-))
This is true Trevor :D

Had spent a bit of time swapping between my two 4890s. and left it off for a few days, I shall secure it shortly!
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Re: Sleep Mode for X1000 ?

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Tell me more about this other X1000 customer that had his hard drive "out of the tray" when his was delivered. I would like to contact him and find out more to see if it is the same as my situation.

Just having the hard drive displaced is one thing, but I don't know how anyone can explain how my hard drive cage was bent as much as mine is. The amount of force almost ripped out the rivet at the top that attaches the cage to the optical drive enclosure above it.

I don't think that could happen just from dropping the double boxed computer case from a truck. Maybe if they dropped it from the plane before they landed, but not from 3 or 4 feet out of a truck. Plus, the way my side panel is bent would indicate that the computer was dropped when it was NOT inside of the box with the foam inserts.

My guesses are leaning toward the Customs Clearance inspection, which would be the only time I could think of that the box would be opened for any reason, after it left AmigaKit's warehouse. At this point, I don't care how it happened. I just want my case replaced and everything documented, in case there is unseen damage to any of the components that does not show up until later, after I have been using the system for a few months. Sorry for going off topic.
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Re: Sleep Mode for X1000 ?

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Dave, watch this video. Towards the end you will see when he opens the case, two things should jump out at you.

AmigaNG video. He is on the various Amiga forums.

#1, the difficulty opening the side panels. They are a little tricky and you have to slide it back and down just right to pop off the panel. So, that is a sign that someone at customs probably being a num-nuts pulled real harr when removing the panel and that is why yours was bent. I know it took and still takes me pulling the panels off just right to open it.

At the end of the video, look at the hard drive at an angle. So, during shipping hard drives appear to be either shifting enough to drop down a notch or ?? Mine seems a little loosy goosy so I think they may not seat real tight in the drive bay.

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