Welcome First Contact customers

AmigaOne X1000 platform specific issues.
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Re: Welcome First Contact customers

Post by jdupuis »

Thanks! Well, let's see how I can sugar coat this. I have completely reinstalled twice. Finally made an ISO image of my install. That being said, I'm having fun! All that's missing in AOS4.1FE (for me) is wireless networking and a Full Office Suite compatible with word, excel and powerpoint. I would not have to leave my x1000. Odyssey 1.23 r3 is proving a great browser for me. I have hundreds of dollars of boxed Amiga Games. I used RunUAE. Jeez! I'm a kid in a candy store! However, it is still nice to slide the original floppies in my A500 and A3000. Two SATA 1 TB HD's and will soon recycle my two 80 GB IDE HD's in my x1000. Enjoying it! Cheers!!
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Re: Welcome First Contact customers

Post by kicko »

I bricked my x1000 so one less user. Some of you already know from EAB and Amigaworld/amigans. To make it short i wanted to sell my x1000 so i reconnected my 1tb hdd, put my old psu back and deleted some personal files. Next day no power and i reconnected the psu again and power was back but only the last 2/8 leds are lit. Psu/cpu low power. I tried everything also with bare motherboard, changing flashroom JP1, battery, different psu, dvd, harddrives etc. There is only power to fans, drives etc but the system wont boot. Its like my previous motherboard. So its no use to try serial output as it doesnt even come to CFE. Nothing, no display.

Leaving is a tough desition however i didnt use it much last years and even less now when we havent got any updates/bugfixes since os4.1fe. Arteffect problems with fonts, hd-rec more crashy and no development for years (no music from me either since), delayed os4.2 and many other stuff thru the years :)

Im ofcourse really thankfull for all the help from amiga community/devs etc that made it possible for me to make music, connect music hardware, making videos, drivers, AOS etc. There were both ups and downs :)

But ill keep using AmigaOS4.1FE classic under winuae on my new desktop PC. Can't just quit totally. I hope that the 128mb memory limit gets removed somehow and hope we get more updates in future for it. I also tried to fix 68k emulation to finish my 2 tunes but crashes/hangs/sysex data gone crazy etc :) Im not lucky.

I dont know what to do with the motherboard if its sell'able but i have the case etc if someone interested to buy. Theres more info under that amigaworld url down. I opened a ticked at amigakit in february and i pm them on amigaworld as a reminder but no reply yet. Probably busy.

Some of the threads for these that are interested in more detailed info :)

http://amigaworld.net/modules/newbb/vie ... 83&forum=2
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Re: Welcome First Contact customers

Post by ddni »

Sorry to read of your X1000 issues kicko. An awful situation.

I can't blame you for leaving, the situation right now is shocking. Hyperion seem to have given up on any sort of customer support or communication.
The vacuum of official releases and the delays of 4.2, smp, gallium, AOS4 on Tabor / X5000 and many other things is galling.
I feel for any company out there who depend on Hyperion for anything!

If and when my X1000 packs in, then that will also be the end of AmigaOS4 for me too.
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Re: Welcome First Contact customers

Post by 328gts »

@ kicko

damn sorry about your X1K going out on you & especially sorry that you're leaving us after all these years :( I hope you come back with a new X5000 MB into your X1K case & parts & release those 2 songs when OS4.2 arrives and I know you'll be checking in still & once an amigan always one :D
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