Welcome First Contact customers

AmigaOne X1000 platform specific issues.
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Re: Welcome First Contact customers

Post by vox »

bigbod wrote:Hi everyone,

Another new X1000 owner here. Got my A-EON and Hyperion logins all sorted out, so I thought I'd check-in and say hello!

I've had many Amigas over the years (A500, A3000, A3000UX, A1200, A4000) but this is my first NG Amiga.

It been a while since I've played with Amiga OS and I'm looking forward to putting the X1000 through it's paces.

Congrats Rod! I ve decided to go X1000 over SAM 460, and with compliments to Acube, I don‚t regret it.

Idea to fully support Linux is great - it enables it to be my main machine and forget the x64, so
expect questions on Linux side

A bit of Amigish customization I ve did is Catweasel mk2 and customized Cherry keyboard is on its way from Loriano :-)
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Re: Welcome First Contact customers

Post by Amigaboy »

my name is Thomas from germany and now I am an new proud owner of a X 1000 system. After waiting a couple of weeks, my X1000 arrived. I spent most of the christmas-time using A-EON`s latest an greatest! Was the computer worth the wait? I can say:absolutely.


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Re: Welcome First Contact customers

Post by LyleHaze »

Welcome aboard Thomas, it's a pretty amazing machine.
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Re: Welcome First Contact customers

Post by mechanic »

Hello Thomas, welcome aboard. :-)

Are there any plans or interests you hope to explore with the X1000 :?:
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Re: Welcome First Contact customers

Post by Srtest »


My name is Shy and I think maybe the only amigan in Israel in 2014 :-)

About 2 months ago I ordered my X1000 from Amigakit with some concerns about delivery overseas and support and what I got didn't just relax my fears of finding my new aquisition not being to show anything... i was a 180 degrees contrary to those fears. The support and walkthrough and delviery + setup was top notch. I just wanted to mentioned it first :-)

I grew up with a c64 and then the Amiga 1000, 2000 and eventually 4000. I didn't know what a PC was until I went to my friend's house to play monopoly with 4 colors...

It has been 20 years for me and the reason I stopped using this machine was because of school (I needed a Pascal compiler compatible with the one from school) and the burning of the modem chip on my A4000 after the wrongful insertion of some cable I don't remember anymore. I wasn't impressed even with chunkey graphics.

Right now I'm typing this on a CRT monitor I brought back for classic games with RuninUAE and using a NetSurf experimental version which I think is the best browser and a match for the new A1-X1000.

I've been reading the forums and it seems there is a constant argument about NG Amiga vs. Classic Amiga and for me I really can't understand it because what I love the most is exactly the ability to load OS 4.1 and Lubuntu and return to 4.1 to play a session of Ufo: Enemy Unknown AGA which is maybe my favorite from back then. I play it and watch X-Files not for nostalgic reasons :-)

I'v also read about the wishes of current Amiga users and I think a lot are putting their focus on the important stuf for Amiga users. The exprience was always more about users then power and I think current hardware + software + compatibilty with Linux is more then a match for PC's and such and my opinion is the nothing still can't touch this modern OS regarding the user exprience and customization.

That being said, my concerns from where I'm writing this is more about the stability of the machine as my sole work horse so to speak. I wan't to do everything with it including letting it stay on while downloading P2P and currently I have PC doing that because I still somewhat worried of the physical support capabilites in my country regarding this computer. Also I wish the OS wouldn't require me to reset so much because of issues with different programs so I think the focus should be on "right now" compatibilty as opposed to future techs, I guess. I know I can't use it for everything beacuse of I'm a gamer and there are classics from the last 20 years on other platforms which I still want to play.

Regarding the argument I saw here about the JXFS file system, I've been using it for a while and it seems faster then other fs's and reliable.

It's a pleasure being here, now.
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Re: Welcome First Contact customers

Post by davebraco »

Hi Srtest,

Welcome back to to the amiga world!

About JXFS, pay attention to software compatibilities :
http://forum.hyperion-entertainment.biz ... =14&t=2572

Enjoy AmigaOS 4 on your AmigaOne X1000.
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Re: Welcome First Contact customers

Post by danbeaver »

Actually enjoy Ubuntu/Linux, AOS4.1 and the other flavors that the Amiga can emulate; don't be surprised that the X1000 can handle office related tasks, Cerfing the net, and streaming movies from your server. We have high hopes for bigger, better, and brighter features with the release of OS4.2!
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Re: Welcome First Contact customers

Post by kicko »


About p2p you better continue using your other machine. Its pretty dry and too old programs. About beeing stable, be prepared for crashes, specially 3rd party etc. Dont get scared, many stuff are stable. But other than that its a nice machine and the os is nice. os4.2 is what i wait for. Before that warp3d when it comes for radeon HD will hold my hunger for a while :) I just hope octamed comes not to far away.

Welcome to this forum and world of x1000 :)
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Re: Welcome First Contact customers

Post by breed »

Welcome again to the world of Amiga!
I have used my X1000 now about 1.5 year and still wery excited about that.
Slowly, step by step AmigaOS is getting better and better, have fun with it ;)
X1000 = \o/
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Re: Welcome First Contact customers

Post by Slayer »

Welcome to the club gentlemen :D
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