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HD7970 vs. HD6670 - SDL:the weaker won

Posted: Fri Dec 04, 2020 9:02 am
by sailorMH
On my X1000 I am using two graprics cards:
HD7970 ... -7970.c296, in slot 1. (x16/x8) - for AmigaOS only
HD6670 ... -6670.c406, in slot 2. (x8) - for linux only

Yesterday I tested dual graphics card config on AmigaOS. It works out of the box with "PCIGraphics" second monitor in Devs:. Than I tested some apps and find one surprise:

SDL game 1941 ... e-deluxe-0 (SDL+2D):
HD7970: 160 fps
HD6670: 325 fps !!!

Some test results were as expected:
WingsBattlefield Demo ... _w3dr7.lha: (probably W3DN/compositing?)
HD7970: 202 fps
HD6670: 57 fps
Note: Here I made mistake, I tested on both cards Warp3d r7xxx version. On HD6670 I have to use Radeon hd comp next time. I will test composition version on weekend - maybe here will be the draw too...

And other tests was a draw:
Tower57 game (compositing)
HD7970: 101 fps
HD6670: 98 fps
fulscreen 1920x1080/32
HD7970: 62 fps
HD6670: 62 fps
Can be this caused by VSync? How to turn it off?

MPlayer - here I tested three versions:
LiveforitHD ... player.lha
HD7970: 18.124s
HD6670: 18.129s
LiveforitNG ... ayerng.lha
HD7970: 19.400s
HD6670: 19.450s
MickJt ... mickjt.lha
HD7970: 15.333s
HD6670: 15.276s

I have some questions:
- why is SDL game much faster on weaker card ?
- how I can make SDL benchmark on secondary card ? I tried it with bench.exe, and with SysMon.
I tried screens settings: primary:never, secondary:always, and try run it from workbench on both screens. Every time it opens testing screen on primary card...
- why HD7970 have similar results like HD6670 ? It has three times more power according to hardware specs...

And one inconvenience here also. Secondary card turns off (blank screen) after some time. Thus I cannot perform Hans GfxBench2D test on secondary card. Do somebody have similar experience with secondary card? Maybe I have some misconfiguration?