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X1000 serial number

Posted: Mon Aug 03, 2020 11:09 am
by AmigaNG
Hi just wondering is it possible to work out what number in the production line my X1000, when I opened up my x1000 to try and replace my fan, I notice the serial no, and was going to ask about it then, but forgot until I saw a photo I took of it today again.

So I won’t share my number in case the serial no is used for any thing, but it basically like 020-A1-X0008
So would that be the 8th or the 20th? Or is there no meaning.

Re: X1000 serial number

Posted: Tue Aug 04, 2020 12:12 am
by tonyw
Both my numbers are different, so I don't know what they mean. The information probably remains confidential.