PCIe Gigabit ethernet??

AmigaOne X1000 platform specific issues.
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Re: PCIe Gigabit ethernet??

Post by LyleHaze »

Thanks all for the assistance.
I now have Four "compatible" PCIe gig ethernet cards, none work.
Fortunately my 10/100 keeps on.

A troubleshooting task for another day, too much time lost on this already this weekend.

If I discover anything useful I'll be sure to pass it along.

and once I have it solved I might just give away the other three cards to three lucky winners!

Sleep Calls, work begins early tomorrow.
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Re: PCIe Gigabit ethernet??

Post by Raziel »


Did you try @sundown's hint to use rtl8169.device v53.4 (instead of the beta one)?

Would be interesting to see if the beta driver is the problem...
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