New install on SSD problems

AmigaOne X1000 platform specific issues.
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Re: New install on SSD problems

Post by nbache »

It's not only the RX cards, as far as I understand.

I have an HD 6670 in my X1000, and I see the same thing - sometimes the warm reboot will work (I think usually if I'm rebooting after the system has only been up a shorter time), but most times it won't.

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Re: New install on SSD problems

Post by Raziel »

Never had this problem with a HD7750 and now a HD7900.

Might be a problem of the series, though
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Re: New install on SSD problems

Post by prowler »

I have had the problem since I got the machine. First with the HD6870 that came with the computer when I bought it as well with the newer R9 270x I bought to replace it. Seems to occur more with the R9.

Whenever I power it down via the power button and turn it back on, it is very rare for it to have any problems. Only when I do a ctrl-amiga-amiga reset etc.
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