Any kind of RAID for X1000?

AmigaOne X1000 platform specific issues.
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Any kind of RAID for X1000?

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I want to know about RAID options for my X1000. Mirrored is good enough for me I think, but I've not had any such for this or any of my past Amigas (and they are the only personal computers I have ever had).

I read the pcie post from the middle of 2014. And I looked at the (German only ) Dawicontrols, Gmbh that was referred to on the Intuition website. Since we are moving into 2017 AND I have a (misguided?) desire for a RAID of some kind, is there anywhere I can read more tried options for the X1000?

Here is why I would like a RAID system: -----------------------
My original 1TB drive died in early November, and I'm only now feeling like I tracked down most of the OS preferences and other changes I had made. All my data (maybe 8 Gigs total - out of the 1000) was saved (I think), but only as of the previous back up done at the begining of October + what I could off the dying 1TB that was newer than October 1. I'm pretty sure it totally died before I got everything.

Now I need to go out and buy another 1TB drive, A.S.A.P. lest this lone drive die in the meantime. I almost feel like I should shut the computer off until I've got a replacement in hand!
George Wyche
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