AmigaOne X1000 platform specific issues.
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I'm not sure if this is the right place for this question but here goes. I bought the X1000 with all the upgrades except a black case. I want to install Linux but cant. I even bought the brand new DVD but it didn't work. After starting the screen is supposed to go black and installation starts but in my case it stays black and freezes. AmigaKit told me it had something to do with the graphics card. Any one PLEASE know of a workaround to get this thing going or know where to send me for the help i need????
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Re: Ubuntu

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You could always start at the beginning and explain when it was last working and what hardware is attached, then progress forward it the explanation of when it quit working, the current equipment installed, whether the graphics card has more than one output port (and have you tried both), and what you have done to solve any of these problems?
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