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Final Edition Boot Oddity.

Posted: Thu Jan 15, 2015 6:31 pm
by mechanic
Final Edition Boot Oddity.

I copied the original System to a spare partition and installed FE to DH0.
I then set amigaboot quiet to N (no) in CFE. That brought up the Amiga boot menu where I could select which Amiga system I wished to boot from.

It did not boot.

CFE presents on the Amiga boot menu those partitions which have a bootable system partition, but that only loads in one of the Kickstarts. After Kickstart loads........nothing.

Using the two mouse buttons to bring up the Early Startup screen, the first drive
in the Select Boot Device list was SB0...SB0? That is a Linux drive ??? The other drives listed were,


Those other drives/partitions have FAT, or EXT3 file systems on them with various kernels
and are (of course) marked bootable, all priority 0. Hm...what to do?

The easy solution was to select and boot from DH0 and use Media Toolbox to set the boot priority of DH0 to +1. That works....Whew!

P.S. Spell Checker wants to change amigaboot to Thingamabob. Why didn't I think of that. :lol:

P.S.S. Perhaps oddity was poorly chosen, maybe Undocumented FEATURE would have been better.
And I have not installed the Extras surprize package yet..........SURPRIZE! :o

Re: Final Edition Boot Oddity.

Posted: Thu Jan 15, 2015 11:18 pm
by tonyw
Your "SB0" and SB0.1" show that you have two partitions called "SB0". Diskboot has changed the name of the second one to prevent duplication.

Also you have two partitions named "DH2". I suggest that you change one of the "SB0" and one of the "DH2" to prevent the clash.

You can call them anything, they don't have to be "DH-something". I must admit I don't know how many characters you can use here.

Re: Final Edition Boot Oddity.

Posted: Fri Jan 16, 2015 5:25 pm
by mechanic
Those are not partitions on Amiga drives.
They are all bootable partitions on Linux (MBR) drives.