CFE and Kickstart Layout

AmigaOne X1000 platform specific issues.
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CFE and Kickstart Layout

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Seting PMU State A4 and commenting out few unneeded things (dont intent to use
Radeon 9250, used to waiting in Amiga land, external Sil either)
and X1000 boot time is way better. That something that could
already be done.

It would be best if CFE and OS could work together more intelligent
e.g. inserting such card would reconfigure Kickstart layout and vice

CFE could get some GUI interface or if being small command prompt
more commands :-) sometimes it would be better if one could
enter drawers and do some things from it, other then setting or that
setting some tricky things (for Linux install e.g.) could be done more

To the better future :-)
Future MOS user pon SAM460ex
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