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Re: DvPlayer to play movie DVDs?

Posted: Wed Jun 18, 2014 10:42 pm
by AmigaDave
Thanks for the quick and clear explanation Hans. I had some idea about how it all works, but there is so much information out there, it is sometimes hard to figure it all out to make sense to people (like me) who don't fully understand all of the technical jargon.

On my Windows PC I have a (apparently legal) program to rip DVD's & Blu-Ray discs that removes all copy protection. Once I have sufficient storage capabilities installed in one server, my plan is to rip every movie I own and store them for safe keeping and easy retrieval for playback across my home network to any device. I am sure many other Amiga users have already accomplished something similar in their homes (just like PC, Mac, & XBox users have done all over the world). Someday I would like to be able to access that server from my X1000 while running AmigaOS4.x, and be able to playback any media content.

From what you wrote, I would assume that the job of getting HD videos to playback on my X1000 would be easier when the copy protection has already been removed, but the job of getting AmigaOS4.x to use the hardware decoding built into our Radeon video cards is still a very large task.

I don't know what work has been started in regards to video decoding via Radeon video card hardware, or how close anyone is to making 3D shaders and other hardware work for AmigaOS4.x (if any work has started on these projects), but I hope that someday we will be able to use our X1000's and other high end AmigaOne computers, to do the things I have described above. We are Amiga users, so we can be patient, but I only ask these questions to get confirmation that we are not on a path that has no possibility for the kinds of things I want to do with my X1000. I know that video card drivers (or drivers in general) are a difficult and long term task, so I appreciate all the work that goes into creating them, and the people who are dedicated enough to do such work.