RAD device not working on X1000

AmigaOne X1000 platform specific issues.
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Re: RAD device not working on X1000

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xenic wrote:When Slayer asked what joakim was using RAD: for, I thought he might be attempting to justify ignoring the problem because RAD: wasn't being used or is no longer useful. Whether it's useful or not, it should work or not work on all OS4 hardware. Thanks for clearing up the "First Contact" concept. I thought that only applied to the first batch of X1000's that were offered but apparently I was wrong. That's O.K. because I know people would get impatient and lose interest if we had to wait until new stuff was "100%" finished. When I (we) report problems it's because I just don't want it overlooked, not necessarily that I expect it to already be fixed or functioning.
I sometimes get flack from management because I like to release stuff early and often. I'd rather have fun now than wait for the perfect system later. I believe many Amiga users feel exactly the same way. Besides, A-EON couldn't afford sitting on a board design forever while Hyperion slowly builds the OS--it just doesn't make sense.

Management does have a point though. You have to manage customer expectations when you run programs like "First Contact". That is why I wanted to clarify the situation with the X1000 program.

Anyway, there certainly is something funny going on with RAD:. I suspect there may be some platform-specific code in there but I (like many) haven't visited that code for a long time.
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