Italian Installer 53.1

This forum is for discussion of the AmigaOS 4.x localization. This includes translation errors as well as proposals for improved translations, and other topics related to localization.
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Re: Italian Installer 53.1

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tonyw wrote:A back-slash is an escape character and is paired with the next character, whatever that is.

In the example above, the first back-slash escapes the "n". The second escapes the ";" on the next line, which is not a known control character, so is ignored.
The next character in the text stream is the third back-slash followed by the second "n", so the semi-colon commenting out the following line is lost.
So the actual error made by the previous translator was to end the translation section with "\n\" instead of "\n".

I have done that a number of times myself and wondered what was wrong, until I saw it :-).

What happens is you (the translator) break up the (multiline) section with "\n\" followed by a newline, so your translated source is formatted (loosely) like the intended result on the screen. And then you accidentally let the last line also be ended by "\n\", and the fæces hits the ventilator ...

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