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Where to report hardware compatabily??

Posted: Wed Jul 05, 2017 1:15 am
by Belxjander
I have several currently unsupported pieces hardware that connect a function fine as-is,
which I intend and have minimal skeleton work done in writing drivers for...

Is it possible to report working hardware or is there a specific Email for bucketing such reports?

I have 1x PCI->PCIx1 Bridged USB3 Renasis Controller (PCI only not PCI-Express) card installed and
only needing a functional XHCI driver (which I understand to be a larger buffered variant of the OHCI? drivers elsewhere)

Additionally I also have a Broadcom Wireless Ethernet PCI card (firmware module required in linux) that may become functional once the firmware is applied to the card in an o029AS compatible manner if Wireless Extensions in S2r3 or later become more standardized as part SANA specifications?

As for additional (other) devices, mostly USB items such as BlueTooth and Wireless modules (also RealTek as manufacturer)

Maybe I can discuss more specific details with an OS Dev Team member or given some basic skeleton work I can hand over to an OS Developer Team member for more specific OS internal materials that are non-publish sources?