About the feature reuest forum.

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About the feature reuest forum.

Post by RobMattin »

How often are the feature requests reviewed at the forums?

I've suggested a few features without getting any kind of answer from any of the core devs. I think every user here, as Hyperion customer, deserves at least some kind of response, no matter how big or small the request is. It's very frustrating when you suggest something that would be incredibly useful and maybe quite trivial to add but for all you know it may not have even have been seen by a member of the dev team. Just having a quick read and sying that the request had been noted would be better than effectively being blanked.

How about reviewing it properly and compling a list of all the reuests made so far, compiling a list and then categorising them. as follows.

Already included.
Currently in development.
Under consideration.
Not under consideration.
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Re: About the feature reuest forum.

Post by tonyw »

Be confident that every such request is at least read by one or more of us. You may not get a response because we are all busy and sometimes unsure of who (if anyone) should answer.

Before any action is taken, someone has to make a decision that takes one of us away from what we are all doing and points us at your suggestion. You may not agree with what our leaders consider important or urgent, but everything is saved for consideration.
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Re: About the feature reuest forum.

Post by ssolie »

RobMattin wrote:How often are the feature requests reviewed at the forums?
As needed. If you don't get a reply that is not unusual. But we do review them when formulating plans so it is not a wasted effort.
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