X1000 forum: No quote cue, no "reply box". [SOLVED] :^(

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X1000 forum: No quote cue, no "reply box". [SOLVED] :^(

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WELL! Dude. You gotta wait. Sez' right there, quote:
In the near future Hperion ENtertainment will send you an email with your Amiga OS4.2 serial number as proof of your purchase and your entitlement to an AmigaOS 4.2 licence...[SNIP]
Your purchase also entitles you to support for your AmigaOS 4.1 software and you will be provided with details of how to register [SNIP] forum.[SNIP]

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I've been a member of Hyperion for several years.

I joined the forum part a couple days ago and received my registration email, yet I cannot reply or post (except RIGHT HERE).

I log in through Hyperion, come to the forum, login at the forum, go to X1000 forum, but no place to reply or to post a new topic are here.

What further do I need to do?

I use Timberwolf for connection to this site.

George Wyche
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