Missing information in ReAction autodocs.

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Missing information in ReAction autodocs.

Post by Deniil »

I find there is a lot of things you have to guess or try and crash regarding ReAction attributes and methods.

For example:
What happens if you supply a value that is out of range? Does it crash in true RA/intuition style, does it truncate, does it nothing, or will it deselect as if providing -1?

Another example:
struct Node *lba_Node; // Insert() after this node

What happens if you supply NULL here? Are you supposed to supply NULL if you want to add at the beginning? Applying trial'n'crashing on this is very tedious since RA/intuition is very crash/lockup-prone if you make any mistake.

There are many more such examples but these were the only ones I could come up with now.

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Re: Missing information in ReAction autodocs.

Post by Rigo »

I have added some clarification to the listbrowser_gc.doc regarding LISTBROWSER_Selected.

Regarding the lba_Node and it's contents, this is listed in the autodoc section immediately following the LBM_ADDNODE structure definition and states:

The lba_Node field can be one of follwing three values:
* NULL -- add node to the head of the list
* ~0 -- add node to the tail of the list
* Node* -- new node will be inserted after this Node


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Re: Missing information in ReAction autodocs.

Post by trixie »

The ReAction gadget autodocs list the useful "GA_" tags but GA_TabCycle is not among them. I think it would be handy to list it as well, for two reasons:
  • Many people are still unaware that the tab-cycling feature can be used with most gadgets, not just strings and integers (this fact is, I believe, only documented in the old "BOOPSI in Release 3" AmigaMail article).
  • Programmers coming to ReAction with a previous GadTools experience may get confused because GA_TabCycle in string and integer gadgets defaults to TRUE in GadTools, while ReAction's GA_TabCycle default is FALSE for all gadgets.
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