DoGadgetMethod() not talking to my object

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Re: DoGadgetMethod() not talking to my object

Post by ssolie »

gonegahgah wrote:The main purpose of DoGadgetMethod() is to create a GInfo structure and place that into the Msg isn't it?
I'm guessing that perhaps other code could have also been put in to DoGadgetMethod() to handle standard functions on legacy gadgets maybe?
That would certainly hamper making it more generalised.

Lol. Actually, the AutoDocs presently mention that it can be used for gadgets and for other things.
ie. "You should use this function for BOOPSI gadget objects, or for "models" which propagate information to gadgets.
You should be using DoGadgetMethod() whenever a GadgetInfo structure may be needed.

See ... _an_Object
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Re: DoGadgetMethod() not talking to my object

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Thanks Solie, I didn't think to look back to the wiki.
I can confirm that DoGadgetMethod() doesn't seem to talk to my zone.window objects at the moment - just seems to ignore them completely - unless I adapt the class onto gadgetclass.
Then it works correctly.
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