AutoDocs Obsoletes

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AutoDocs Obsoletes

Post by JosDuchIt »

I did a search on the Autodocs for 'obsolete' and edited this a little.
The result can be found in
Working on a similar "deprecated" file and an "obsolete & deprecated file"

I did not find till now how bith terms have to be interpreted.
Some standardisation in where and how those terms are used in the autodocs will surely not harm.

Very glad anyway for this forum.

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Re: AutoDocs Obsoletes

Post by tonyw »

Both terms mean "This is old and out of date, don't use it in any new code. It will continue to be supported so that old programs will still run."

"Deprecated" has the additional property that it raises a Warning when gcc attempts to compile it. If you have -Werror in your gcc command line, then the "Deprecated" warning will be treated as an error and the compilation will not succeed until you remove the reference to the deprecated function by replacing it with the new approved version.

All OS4 system software is supposed to be compiled with this -Werror flag. There are a few old components that would need a lot of work to fix, but nearly all obey this rule: all Warnings are to be treated as Errors.

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