SDL 1.2.15?

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SDL 1.2.15?

Post by Raziel »

I know that the SDK probably won't be updated for a while (at least i seem to remember - other parts of AmigaOS4 are far more important), still i wanted to ask if someone would be able to compile the latest SDL version for inclusion in the SDK.
(and sent it to me, of course) ;-)

Reason is, there was done a fix (actually a lot) in .15 which will probably (pretty sure about that) fix a nasty "fullscreen switch" crash in one of my ports.
(I'm pretty sure it will because the very same error was fixed by updating SDL to .15 on another platform - Mac OS 10.7)

If i understand the SDL page correctly 1.2.15 will be the last revision before 2.0
Welcome to the last planned release for SDL 1.2!

This release is intended to clean up the bug list for SDL 1.2 and let us focus on new development for SDL 2.0!
Maybe someone from the team do already have it on their hdd?

That would be grand

Thank you

Take care
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