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cybergraphics includes (fixed versions inside)

Posted: Mon Jun 20, 2011 10:59 am
by kas1e
Hi there.

Lately when we with Deniil/onyxsoft works on muiowb, we found that default cybegraphics includes of the latest SDK are not full and a bit buggy. Deniil fix all of this, and i just describe/upload it's all here (to make our SDK better). Let's explain:

1. SDK's cybergraphics includes does not have working WPAA (WritePixelArrayAlpha), but cybegraphics.library emulation already support it, and interfaces/cybegraphics.h also have APICALL for it, but inline/cybegraphics.h not have description of function, and so we added that. Tested it and it works (if test examples of prove need it, i will upload it as well, but we already use it in few prods, so it can be used just as it).

2. SDK also not have main cybegraphics.h file, in which:
- struct CyberModeNode
- defines for Parameters for GetCyberMapAttr() (such as CYBRMATTR_BPPIX , CYBRMATTR_DISPADR and so on)
- defines for Parameters for GetCyberIDAttr() (such as CYBRIDATTR_PIXFMT , CYBRIDATTR_WIDTH and so on)
- definition of divers pixel formats
- SrcRectangle formats defines for xxxPixelArray calls()

And so on. All of this in the cybegraphx/cybegraphics.h, which we not have, but will be good to just put it to SDK as well, so everyone who will want to use CGX emulation, will just works with it with no problems, and for developer will no need to worry about why WPAA not works, or why some defines are not present in SDK.

Archive with fixed inline/cybegraphics.h and with new cybergraphx/cybergraphics.h are attached. That all already checked and used, all definations works and structs works fine via our cybegraphics emulation, but if it will be very necessary, i also can create few "proof-of" example to show that all of this works and can be included to SDK.

Re: cybergraphics includes (fixed versions inside)

Posted: Wed Jun 22, 2011 8:28 am
by Slayer
again, much appreciated 8-)