Testers wanted - USB3 XHCI USBHCD

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Re: Testers wanted - USB3 XHCI USBHCD

Post by Belxjander »

If anyone wants an Initial build of the driver or access to the source... private message me on these forums,
or find me on IRC (various networks...freenode for example) using the same nickname.

And I'll start putting together a means of sending out initial driver versions.

Right now I have hardware binding and partial initial card setup.

If anyone knows a bit about device driver writing and wants to point anything out...I'm willing to discuss source access terms

I'm still undecided about licensing... but what is most compatible with ALL the existing Amiga flavours license wise?
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Re: Testers wanted - USB3 XHCI USBHCD

Post by seventhwonder »

PM sent..
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