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Re: STRINGA_MarkActive

Posted: Fri Jun 16, 2017 2:11 pm
by glames
broadblues wrote: Ah okay, I personally always end up having to click twice in that YAM gadget when fine tuning filers, as I'm likely correcting a typo and so don;t want the whole string markded :-)

I would recomend sticking to the single activate, double click selected word, tripple click select all operation as tis is the standard behaviiour of string gadgets and you would need to do no work at all.
broadblues wrote: But if you really wanted to force that behaviour, then you would need to listen to the GADGETDOWN event and mark the gadget yourself with STRINGA_Mark. try a value of 0xFFFF0000 to mark the whole string without checking it's length.
Thank you for tip!