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Posted: Fri Jul 29, 2016 3:30 am
by mritter0
I just noticed that if when registering my application and set REGAPP_NoIcon,TRUE, then the drop down menu in the title bar won't open. The one for Jump to screen and such. It flashes once, then nothing after that.

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if ((appID=IApplication->RegisterApplication(PROJECT_NAME2,
	REGAPP_URLIdentifier,				"",
	REGAPP_Description,					"my projects",
	REGAPP_NoIcon,					TRUE,
	REGAPP_AppIconInfo,				AppIconInfo,
	REGAPP_FileName,					ProgramComplete,
	REGAPP_HasIconifyFeature,			TRUE,
	REGAPP_HasPrefsWindow,				TRUE,
	REGAPP_CanCreateNewDocs,			TRUE,
	REGAPP_CustomPrefsFileName,			PATH_PREFS,