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QUAKE2 Will not run

Posted: Thu Feb 22, 2018 6:49 pm
by john
This is my set up. I have installed Quake2 on my Games Disk (DH6) Which is under Quake2 draw and in this draw I have quake2 file
if I click on this the grim reaper pops up. But if I click on QuakeIIGUI file a window pops up and Execute File Command
QuakeIIGUI and than Execute than a ouput window pops up and I get a message This program must be started from a QuakeGUI Icon.
This did work before till I done a fresh install Amiga 4.1 OS final edition update 1. My Amiga is a AMCC PPC440EP 1,024 FAST RAM Radeon 9250 :cry: