Installer failing from original CDs

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Re: Installer failing from original CDs

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I actually left Hyperion ages ago (over 10 years - though I always had good relations to Hyperion during this time).

I have news here though. I have since recently the permission by my employer to do a side-job in doing contract work for Hyperion (explicitely named in the permission as "Amiga Games development"). It is of course limited by the number of weekly hours and other limitations.

I do not think this will have any effects on Linux and Mac-ports though (though it might be possible to expand the permission if the opportunity arises).

Linux was I think the worst sales of the three platforms (AmigaOS, Linux, MacOS) for Hyperion. AmigaOS was best. I think the issue was that most people did not want to pay fullprice for a game which was out some years for PC on Linux - while on Amiga they would. And obviously a game ported by not the original developer comes later. And on MacOS often the original developers were doing ports of newer titles.

Currently no intent on my side to do games development for other platforms than AmigaOS. And definitely would not renegotiate the agreement with my employer so shortly after getting it done.

As to Heretic 2 it is now really a new port. It basically is a fresh new port from scratch, not much of the old port is reused. Though savegames are still compatible to the old port.

Among others:

- Alternatively to software renderer and MiniGL Renderer now also a GL4ES renderer
- Multitexturing support (both MiniGL and GL4ES)
- Full AmigaInput Support
- Optionally UHD Screenmodes (for systems fast enough for these high resolutions)
- CD Music works again (On WarpOS Version did no longer work with more recent CD Drives, which was the issue that the method for CD Music used there did no longer work on recent Drives, I completely exchanged that code)
- Better quality sound (old version used 11khz sound if I remember right)
- Movies scaled up to Highres using AI, look much better!
- And of course the installer works

In a werd way my Comeback to AmigaOS is probably to be thanked the broken H2 WarpOS installer, not sure if it would have happened if H2 WarpOS would have still worked on OS 4 ;-) But after it happened I won't stop at Heretic 2 ;-)


>Infact, PowerPC.library has a warpOS wrapper. But it only works on Classics, A1SE/XE, Pegasos2 and Sam440. There's no WarpOS support for the >A1X1000 and Sam460, So no warpOS apps on these last.

For some thread necromancy - actually powerpc.library *IS* WarpOS. And at least in the meanwhile there is a WarpOS wrapper for OS4. It just does not work for Heretic 2. At least for the version of the wrapper I got on my x1000 not a problem of the wrapper, but that some apps do not run with it. I do not think I have any WarpOS app I still use though.

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