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Help needed: Peg2 onboard network died

Posted: Sun Jun 07, 2020 4:05 pm
by Reth

Hi there,

unfortunately the onboard network of my Peg2 died (I already checked cabling and router). Symptom: Both network LEDs (green and orange) are constantly shining (usually one is flickering for indicating the traffic) but no connection possible at all (cannot even ping the router=

Is there any chance I can repair this? If not, which network card do I have to buy and install which runs fine with AOS4.x?

Any help regarding my Peg2 is highly appreciated!

Thank you in advance and

Kind Regards

Re: Help needed: Peg2 onboard network died

Posted: Tue Jun 09, 2020 10:15 pm
by Reth
OK. - After some try outs and so on I manged to get it up and running again. ATM everything is working again.
Had to reformat the partition and installed an old backup. Beginning with this everything was working as normal again, including network. I also got back up to date using AmiUpdate.

But I suffered (and still suffer) from really weird behaviour - beginning with an unreadable partition (General Device Failure ... Disk in unreadable format - hence the formatting and backup restore) ending now in system making "power off" sounds from time to time while Power LED is still on and also other stuff is running. This is still happening from time to time and everything seems to start over afterwards again (so I am getting the same sound as if I select Shutdown from WB or pressing power button long enough, afterwards everything is running up again according to fan and device noices like after a power on).