Wanted: G4 cpucard for my Peg2

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Wanted: G4 cpucard for my Peg2

Post by antimute »

Hi everyone,

I'm new here. Having a lot of fun with my Peggy and OS 4.1 FE.
Looking for an upgrade. Are the G4 cards still around for sale?
Or maybe someone here is willing to sell it?
Pegasos II G3 600, 1 Gb, 320 Gb Sata, Radeon 9250, OS 4.1 FE
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Re: Wanted: G4 cpucard for my Peg2

Post by ssolie »

You might have better luck on http://www.amibay.com

Also, please don't post for sale/wanted ads here. We want to keep this forum focused on support only.
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