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Re: Pegasos2 Tips & Tricks

Posted: Thu Jun 05, 2014 2:19 pm
by tlosmx
Prober wrote:And this?

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My friend have a b2 and it dont was able to have 2 gb of kingostone on it or 2 gb of crucial on b5 they works without problems
On the b5 only the corsair brand dont wok .
In this annonce there is not been write what revision of pegasos2 is . I dont belive too much in miracles , if blan make 3 and 4 and after 5 revision of the machine there was a reason ;)

Re: Pegasos2 Tips & Tricks

Posted: Fri Jun 06, 2014 6:59 pm
by sailorMH
Prober wrote:And this?

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thanks for your tip.. I was asked them, if they tested memory sticks on pegasos, (of course best was rev 2B2)...
unfortunately it was not tested, only fulfills the Pegasos II specs...

but maybe I try them, like the last chance for 2GB ..

what do you meam, which chance is better, old slow PC 2100, which is enough for Pegasos, or the faster ones?

Re: Pegasos2 Tips & Tricks

Posted: Thu Aug 21, 2014 2:30 pm
by tlosmx
I had the fastest and didnt have problems Pc 3200 400mhz , but i need to remember you mine was the r2b5

Re: Pegasos2 Tips & Tricks

Posted: Fri Aug 29, 2014 6:42 pm
by smf
Be carefull with faster memory, if it doesn't have SPD values for 21000 operations it can run with the wrong latencies etc and make your board run slower than it should.

Re: Pegasos2 Tips & Tricks

Posted: Thu Jun 25, 2015 3:34 pm
by Prober
So the combination of a fully functional 2GB RAM:

2x 1GB DDR SDRAM PC-2100 ECC - 266MHz (KVR266X72RC25/1GD).


Re: Pegasos2 Tips & Tricks

Posted: Tue May 07, 2019 10:07 am
by sailorMH
tlosmx wrote: Another tip is : Good Audio Card = Better System Performances
Another tip is: Use in productive mode the Radeon 9800pro on Pegasos II

This great card right now on the AmigaOs isn't fully supported but i can say after many tests the performance of it are really incredible.
After installing this card go in Sys:Prefs/Gui and disable 3D acceleration set the system for "performance"...
This Card don't have Composition acceleration enabled , but the most incredible think is the BOOST in the SDL software ...
Compared with 9000pro (the best 3d supported video board right now) you will have and increasing in the SDL software for about 400%...
Mplayer SDL 480p without frame drops..
Quake 1 Sofware rendering 640x480x8 = 155fps (9800pro) 144 (9000pro) 125(9250 128bit) 114(9200)
This card working great with Overlay Mplayer 480p video play and scaling without frame drops
For the 3d software i can suggest download wazp3d on aminet for run great and fast all the Hunoppc ports without problems
Note: my Pegasos2 is 1.266mhz is about 25% more faster of 1ghz machine
Finally I also upgrade my old Pegasos2:

CPU G4, 1.333GHz
Radeon 9800PRO
IDE-SATA converter + SATA SSD ( MorphOS, AmigaOS )
IDE CD/CVD combo
PCI-SATA card SIL3114, 4 port
+ SATA HDD ( Linux, Mac (Molk), BSD)
SBLive! card
USB2.0 card

Thanks to tlosmx for advice and especially to Prober for advice and this great article ... gasose-ii/
now have nice new old machine.

Re: Pegasos2 Tips & Tricks

Posted: Tue May 07, 2019 10:26 am
by sailorMH
On old Pegasos configuration I have AmigaOS 4.1.6 only, now I buy FE and waiting for delivery.
Due this reason I have only some benchmarks made under MorphOS and Linux.

Tower57 "benchmark" - in initial scene:
old config: 25-30fps
new config: 45-55fps
note: I have no original savegame used in this article, but if I manually play tower57 and find the exact scene visible on pictures, it goes slower than initial scene, but still 39 fps - i.e. something between MacMini and Powerbook.

Linux hardinfo benchmark:
1.0GHz 1.3GHz
CPU Blowfish (Lower is better) 64.68 48.21
CPU CryptoHash (Higher is better) 21.61 28.8
CPU Fibinacci (Lower is better) 19.58 14.7
CPU N-Queens (Lower is better) 44.75 32.2
FPU FFT (Lower is better) 64.39 52.58
FPU Raytracing (Lower is better) 63.82 45.06

overall speed increase 27%

SDL Bench
1.0GHz, Radeon 9200 320x240 320x240 640x480 640x480
software hardware software hardware
Slow points (frames/sec): 12.966 228.571 1.75208 58.8235
Fast points (frames/sec): 684.492 117.539 179.272 29.551
Rect fill (rects/sec): 17731.6 195048 6826.67 204800
32x32 blits (blits/sec): 35008.5 204800 35008.5 113778

1.3GHz, Radeon 9800PRO
Slow points (frames/sec): 13.5135 242.424 1.77344 59.2593
Fast points (frames/sec): 825.806 118.409 211.396 29.7225
Rect fill (rects/sec): 21787.2 240941 7543.28 195048
32x32 blits (blits/sec): 53194.8 240941 49951.2 240941

overall increase 80%

Bonnie - HDD i/o speed benchmark
Legend: Red cross = CPU 1.0GHz, Blue circle = CPU 1.3GHz.
Identical disks have identical line colours
HDD/SSD speed increase is 24%

Re: Pegasos2 Tips & Tricks

Posted: Tue May 07, 2019 10:37 am
by sailorMH
And some tips for HDD:
Here is only results for 1.3GHz CPU.

Use the IDE HDD with CPU frequency 1.0GHz is practically the same like use SATA drives.

But with 1.3GHz CPU here is markable speed difference.
SATA SSD is fastest, nearly the same is SATA HDD and slowest id IDE HDD.
( note tests are done with sequential r/w, with random access SSD id much more faster)

Also is visible that on Pegasos2 have pracrically no speed impact which SATA card we use: IDE-SATA converter and PCI-SATA card have both similar speed.

Re: Pegasos2 Tips & Tricks

Posted: Tue May 07, 2019 11:09 am
by sailorMH
Finally, Pegasos 2 with new case - AVP Hyperion EV33B

Re: Pegasos2 Tips & Tricks

Posted: Mon May 13, 2019 8:49 am
by sailorMH
I still have no AmigaOS41FE, but quick comparison with AmigaOS4.1.6:

With AOS, there are no Radeon.chip for Radeon9800(R300). It means, there are no hw acceleration system-wide. It is necessary in Prefs/GUI switch off hw compositing and install WaZp3D instead of Warp3D.
But SDL drivers are incredible: 1.3GHz, Radeon 9800PRO AmigaOS4.1.6:

......................................... 320x240 320x240 640x480 640x480 hardware software hardware
Slow points (frames/sec):..11.8343 235.294 1.48727 59.2593
Fast points (frames/sec):...338.177 118.19 84.3493 29.7191
Rect fill (rects/sec):............20582.9 512000 6595.81 227556
32x32 blits (blits/sec):........62060.6 409600 61134.3 372364

It is 30% faster then MorphOS on the same configuration.
SDL games is great:
for example 1941 ( port by HunnoPPC ) with MorphOS 55-56 fps, with AmigaOS 61-63 fps. For comparison AmigaOne X1000 + HD7970 have 84-91 fps. Not bad for old Peg!
This speed increase is not only for games, but every SDL application.