Facebook app missing CSS - possible Qt problem?

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Facebook app missing CSS - possible Qt problem?

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I need your help :)

I have installed AmigaOS4.1 + 6 updates on a Pegasos II, and everything is working pretty well. But there is one problem I cannot seem to resolve. I think it could be related to Qt.

Symptoms: when starting the Qt Facebook app, I get warnings in the debug window saying "Could not parse stylesheet of widget 0x...". The app screen is displayed, but the styles and images are missing. Nothing seems to be working.

See screenshot: http://mi-linux.wlv.ac.uk/~in9352/amiga ... Sissue.jpg (debug window with error message at the top)

The exact same thing happens when I try to access facebook.com from the muiowb browser. The page is displayed, but text only, no images, no style.

I believe I have installed Qt well. The demos provided work, and other Qt apps works (for example smTube works fine). My system is fully up to date (via AmiUpdate).

What am I missing?

Thanks :)
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